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How much?
You need about $6000 worth of equipment. (US dollars, here and henceforth.) That's a printer, a binder, a scorer and a trimmer. They have all been around for a while. Lining them up used to be awkward. Not many people were tempted. It's getting easier all the time. The print quality keeps going up. The costs keep going down. For a few years the numbers have made sense. Now they are irresistible.


You need a duplexing laserprinter. It prints on both sides of each sheet before it is released. This is important. The other way is to print one side of all the sheets, turn the stack over and print the other side. You don't want that. A single paper misfeed can ruin a book.

Shop around before you buy. As I write this, a Lexmark duplexing printer costs around $1000. The toner cartridge comes with a microchip to make sure you pay ten times the market price for toner. A Panasonic duplexer costs $200.



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