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Strokes (animation)

Scots rule 2

Deceit warning
Putting this piece together was great fun. Cheating was involved. You probably need more strokes to make the same lettershapes.

Strokes (animation)

Capitals, one step at a time

T he characters are introduced in a sequence from simple shapes to complex rather than in alphabetical order. They are divided by color into three groups. The yellow letters are made of horizontal and vertical lines. The red also have diagonals. The blue letters have curves as well.

A three minute animated piece shows how they are assembled, one stroke at a time, and what can be done with them afterwards.

Bigger sizes
If you like, you can see larger versions of the same videoclip.

One. Play in a new window (QuickTime movie, 877 by 620 pixels, 144.1 MB).

Two. Or, should you prefer, download (QuickTime movie, 1304 by 921 pixels, 546.2 MB). At 300 dpi, in the original A4 size, the clip should look all right on a monitor of reasonable capacity.

I thank Will Smith and Mayang Adnin <> for free use of the leather and slate backgrounds.

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Scots rule 2