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A few lettering pieces

Missing numbers

Love and heartbreak
Most stuff designs itself. Once in a while a piece presents an extra opportunity.

Half dozen 6-3

How to add drama to a simple copperplate

A new lettering piece usually starts with two ingredients. One is style. The other is a suitable text of the right length. Here the text is about desire.

Joshua Whitcombe’s Book of Love Letters (Baltimore, 1912) served a fine purpose. It supplied approved phrases for graceful courtship in polite society. To people without a gift for words, it was a salvation.

The last verse in part 62nd poem in the cycle
nine couplets

A.S. Housman ’s A Shropshire Lad was turned down by several publishers

Published it at his own expense. Roaring success. Sixty-second part tail end of the x.

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