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A few lettering pieces

MT 2

Half-dozen 5

But is it art?

W hat kind of people play with lettershapes? falls victim to / lose their bearings. Attempts at pure art. Or elevated, pretentioussign painting.
Solitary work. Who does this stuff? Calligraphers twitch their finger when they look at lettering. They fight meaningless battles. Delight and pride

Wanted to create sayings suitable for framing and even entire handwritten books and . Commercial stuff, film titles, brand names of comsumer products. Closer to type design, as type design moves closer to handwriting.

Experimental work. Away from early stuff that tried to imitate medieval work. It has a place. But letters made by hand serve a different function. Wider scope. Commercial.


Is it art? Proof by banging the table. assertion. Unwelcome place among the decorative arts.

Smooth, slick letter do have a place

tense line, swelling from thick to thin, spacing

In theory, the letter O is a circle. In reality, it should match the other letters, look good, and tell the world who created it with delight and pride.