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A few lettering pieces


Fun with cogwheels
Given a free selection of subject matter, pick one that doesn’t kill you.

Wheels and pinions

Why simple spur gears are an easy choice

W hen it came to gears as pictorial elements, there was more than enough to choose from. A process of elimination seemed in order.

With equal number of teeth on both wheels, conical bevel gears achieve the lofty distinction of a symmetrical miter. Unfortunately, all the wheels would then be the same size.

The crown gear (or contrate gear) is a different kind of bevel gear whose teeth project at right angles to the plane of the wheel. It seemed too fanciful.

To the layperson, hypoid gears may resemble spiral bevel gears. But in fact, they have offset, rather than intersecting shaft axes. Indeed, the pitch surfaces appear conical but, to compensate for the offset shaft, they are in fact hyperboloids, and far too much trouble to draw accurately.

Still, a simple train of spur gears has loveliness of its own. Although it is neither as smooth nor quiet as the helical kind, it is admirable in its simplicity nonetheless.

Thus spur gears seemed a good choice for this piece of lettering.

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