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A few lettering pieces

Macbeth on concrete

When in doubt, consider peril
Three witches, followed by bloodshed and hallucinations, make a fine text.

Macbeth on concrete

Four centuries old and still kicking

T he lettering style of this piece was loosely inspired by Herbert Linegren’s “Inferno,” published in Erik Lindegren’s Våra bokstäver, Askim, Sweden 1964. (The three volumes did my student budget no favors. But they laid a welcome foundation for a part of a misguided, delighful life.)

The text is an overlay. Behind it is a digital photograph of stained concrete. The resolution of the original image was not high enough for a full-size print. A copy, turned 180 degrees and placed above the original, took care of that.

Download Acrobat document
Macbeth.pdf, 248 K