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The book


New start: before and after
A good method is easy to learn and easy to teach

Chancery Cursive

An approach that leaves nobody behind, ever

A handwriting model is a foundation. Build on it as long as it’s useful. Return to it if you need it again. Italic is a clear, basic style of writing for everybody. At its best, it is a work of art.

Rounded, angular

One model fits all
Your own writing may be rounded. It may be angular, or it may be anything in between. Italic gives you a framework for your personal style.

Every step of the way
People with natural abilities don’t need much guidance. The rest of us must learn how to use our eyes and how to master a pen.

If writing is difficult, zigzag drills usually help. If they are too hard, pattern exercises make a difference.

Any level you can name
What can you do when nothing seems to work? Don’t worry. Loose scribbles can be fun. Tracing gives gentle support. And everbody can connect dots. We can build on that, and we do.