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This page has publications from projected distribution by the Icelandic National Centre for Educational Materials

New handwriting books

Italic taught as a movement

Here are the first eight volumes in a series of teaching aids for Icelandic schools. They teach joined italic, from simple movement patterns to broad-pen nuances.

In addition, wide range of remedial exercises is available for children who need extra help. Please take a look.

Book 1A

Book 1A
The approach begins with scribbling and exercises for a firm hand, followed by an introduction to basic movements. The letters are taught infive families based on common shapes.
Download 1A (14 MB)


Book !B

Book 1B
The a and b letter familes of the first book are followed by the o, l and x familes. Paths are taught in several ways, which include connecting numbered dots. Capitals, numerals and accents are introduced.
Download 1B (6 MB)

Book 1AB

Homework exercises for books 1A and 1B
Here the tracing of patterns, zigzags and curves leads to writing movements and words. The children practise letter familes and use colour to help remember correct pen hold.
Download 1AB (7.2 MB)

Book 2A

Book 2A
Scribble exercises of zigzags and curves are gone over again at the outset and turned into writing movements. Letter familes, numerals and capitals from A to I are laid out for practice, leading to short words with slant lines.
Download 2A (5.3 MB)

Book 2B

Book 2B
In the capitals J to Þ, exercises with slant lines from book 2A continue. On one page the children are asked to compose and write out a text of their own.
Download 2B (5.2 MB)

Book 3A

Book 3A
The children begin with a review of earlier methods, scribble training and simple sentences. It is followed by calligraphy exercises and jokes.
Download 3A (17.4 MB)

Book 3B

Book 3B
Refresher of earlier methods in addition to new approaches, such as paths taught by connecting numbered dots. Three pages for composing text and writing without a model. Letters and sentences. Calligraphic swashes. Jokes.
Download 3B (11.3 MB)


Book 4A

Book 4A
Refresher on zigzags and handwriting movement, rhythm and character paths. Reminders of slant and pen hold. Refinements of problem letters, dots and accents. Flourishes and broad pen basics. Equal rights for women.
Download 4A (14.9 MB)

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