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The italic project
Teaching aids
How to master italic

Scots rule 2

[Image: zigzag movements for the letters u 
				and n/}

The key to italic
Can you make a few zigzags? Then you can make the letter u. Just let the diagonals sag a bit. You use the very same movement to for the exit stroke.

If your diagonal bulges upward instead of sagging, it will turn your zigzag into the letter n. Get this right, and you’ll soon be writing italic.

Zigzags into writing

Make curves. Extend stems. Add dots

Y ou master a movement by making it. That’s how you learn to throw a ball and play the piano. And that is the best way to learn handwriting.

Get the movement right. With luck, the letters will follow.

From scribbles to zigzags
Your hand may not be used to zigzags. How do you find which movemements it likes best? Scribbling is a great start.

[Image: Sheets of scribbles.]

Disorderly rough and tumble
Forget about writing for a moment. Try making extravagant movements with your pen. Don’t be timid. Thrash your hand about from the wrist.

When you’ve filled a few pages of scribbles, you can introduce some discipline. Make zigzags on lined paper. You want the picket fence effect: slightly slanted lines, evenly spaced. Then add recognition points, and you’ve got handwriting.

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Scots rule 2