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Scots rule 2

[Image: three lines of text, written at different speeds]

Speed kills
The top line was written slowly, with care and precision. This is how we write texts that others are meant to read.

The middle line is typical of quick, personal notes. It’s good enough for a shopping list.

The bottom line is a very fast scrawl, and may be illegible even to the writer. Some people can only write that way, fast or slow. Even for them, there’s hope.

What is good enough?

To write better, slow down

C ommon sense usually finds a sensible middle way between graceful legibility and necessary speed. Not every shopping list has to look like a work of art.

This balance varies from person to person, and sometimes from day to day. It is a good starting point for repairs: just ordinary writing.

Your letters should be even and they should be legible. Most people can manage that. Is it worth your effort?

When in doubt, slow down.

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Scots rule 2