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The italic project
Teaching aids
How to master italic

Scots rule 2

[Illustration: handwriting movement]

Spot the difference
The upper line has separate stems. In each stroke the pen stops at the baseline. It then moves in the air to the top of the next stem.

The lower line has connected stems. At the baseline the pen changes direction and bounces like a ball to the next stem.

This is a big difference.

Handwriting as movement

Start with motion, then add shapes

M ost people can learn writing movements in twenty minutes. Once you get a grip on them, your letters can largely take care of themselves. Just add recognition points. Let me show you what I mean.

[Image: added dots change "uuu" to "uiui"]

Please try this
Write three joined letters u. Then put dots over the third and sixth stems. This changes “uuu” to “uiui." You added recognition points.

Doing many different things at the same time isn’t easy. For writing you need grammar and spelling and exactly what you want to put down on paper.

In addition you must control your hand and remember how good lettershapes are made. If you can do that without thinking, you’re in luck. If you can’t, please don’t worry. Good handwriting is easier than you think. You start with zigzag exercises.

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Scots rule 2