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The italic project
Teaching aids
How to master italic

[Image: italic, from zigzags to writing]

A practical way to handwriting
Make zigzags. Add recognition points. Get letters. This is easy, and it works.

How to master italic

The two halves that make a whole

G ood handwriting comes in two parts. One is a trained hand. The other is an understanding of the letters. Both are needed for any alphabet and any style.

How to control a pen
Tracing patterns on exercise sheets will help you get a firm hand. Then zigzags and ovals are within easy reach.

How things work
Detailed paths take you from the beginning and to the end of all the letters. You learn about simple improvements: consistent slant, even distance between stems, and a straight baseline.

Your handwriting may be light or bold, curved or spiky. As a solid foundation for a personal style, italic is outstanding.

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