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The italic project
Teaching aids

How to master italic


Copy and paste your text right back
Once you have added joins, it is ready for use.

Import joined text

The last step

What happens when joins have been added to your text file? The program automatically saves the result in another file with the same name. You'll find it in a folder called "output" in the same location as your original text file.

Before and after
A text document with joins may look strange. But it’s fine when you’ve got it in the right typeface.

The top document shows text ready for joining. The middle document has the same text with added joins. The bottom document shows the model typeface with joined letters.

This is simple and quick. What can possibly go wrong?

Result: jumbled Chinese?
If this happens on your Macintosh, you probably forgot to save your text as sixteen bit Unicode. Here’s how to do it right.

Got your text, joins and all? Now copy and paste it where you want it.

Maybe you prefer to import the new document? If your word processor asks about the format the new document, select 16 bit Unicode (big endian).

That’s it: you’re done.

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