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The italic project
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Unjoined text with Linux penguin

Four simple steps
What do you do when you have created your text in Open Office?

Saving text in Linux

The free and admirable open source software

E ileen Lu suggests a few instructions for Linux users and people who prefer Open Office software to Microsoft Word. I thank her for both advice and screen shots; here they are.

Save text menu selection

Select Save As from the File menu.

Save text dialog box

Use “Text Encoded (.txt)” option in the dialog box that follows.

Unicode selection

If Open Office asks which encoding you want, just select “Unicode.” Stay away from both “Unicode (UTF-8)” and “Unicode (UTF-7),” please. Then press the OK button.

Once this is done, you run the joiner program the usual way.

Typeface selection

Open the new text file in Open Office. A new dialog box will ask about Character Set and Default Font. Select “Unicode” and “Briem Handwriting.”

Joined text

All done
You can now finish and print your exercise sheets.

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