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The italic project
Teaching aids

Windows Word

Ready for joining?
First select “Encoded Text,” then the “Unicode” format.

Saving text from Word for Windows

Just select Unicode

Y ou will be warned. Microsoft Word will ask if you really want to save in a format that will lose you styles, pictures and any formatting of your text. You have nothing to worry about. Say yes.


Finish saving
Select “Other encoding” and the “Unicode” format. Then press the OK button.

Whatever works
You get a choice of four flavors. Neither Unicode (UTF-7) nor Unicode (UTF-8) will give you what you want. But plain Unicode works fine. So does “Big-Endian,” which is an interesting term. The Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels went to war over which end of an egg to break. In programming, it means byte order.

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