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The italic project
Teaching aids

How to master italic

Save Macintosh
Make a simple text document
Here’s an approach that works with most programs

Saving from Macintosh Text Edit

Select 16 bit Unicode

T ext edit is a simple, open source word processor and text editor. It has advanced typography features. It imports graphics, works with HTML, and can even add music and movie files. It saves text the same way that most other Macintosh applications do.

(You can safely skip the next paragraph.)

The Macintosh uses a character set of 256 slots for letters, numerals, punctuation and symbols. It can also use the Unicode standard, which has 65,536 slots. The 56 joins for the italic typeface went into the Private Use Area, from slots 57,344 to 57,399.

For joining, save your text as 16 bit Unicode.

Error Forgot something?
If your text looks like garbled Chinese, you probably saved your text in an eight bit encoding instead of

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