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The italic project
Teaching aids

How to master italic

Windows installation 1

Windows installation2

Three steps, briefly
Open the Control Panel. Open the Fonts folder. Install the type.

Install the type in Windows

It’s not all that bad; you can do it

The “Typeface and Joiner” package has two parts. Unzip it and put it on you desktop, or in a convenient folder. To Install the typefaces, this is what you do.

One. Select “Control Panel” from the Start Menu. Then select “Fonts.” This will open a window with the fonts that are installed in your system.

Two. In the Font window, select “Install new font” from the “File” menu.

Three. Using the “Folder” window, locate the folder where you put the “BriemHandwriting.otf” and the “BriemHandwritingItalic.otf” fonts. Highlight them and press the “Add” button.

(If you prefer, you can also drag-and-drop the typefaces into the “Fonts” folder.)

That’s it: you’re done.

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