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The italic project
Teaching aids

How to master italic

Scots rule 2

[Image: Dotted sheet, your magic bullet.]
Introducing your magic bullet
You want a firm hand? Connect the dots, all ninety-nine of them.

Remedial exercises

Ten sheets to show your hand who is boss

Y ou know where your want your pen to go. And then your hand takes it someplace else. Don’t worry. You’re not alone: it’s a common complaint. Just connect the dots.

When nothing else works, dot exercises usually help. Simple, straight lines are good enough. Don’t concentrate on the pen as you write. Look at the dot where you want it to go instead. Let your hand do the rest.

You can make your own sheets. Short lines between close dots are easy. A big distance from one dot to the next is a greater challenge. And as always, slow works better than fast.

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Scots rule 2