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Arrighi didn’t join his letters as often as we do now. This is what he suggested. (See the book, pages 15 and 16.)


From letters with exit strokes, such as the letters a d i k l m n u, you can join to any following letter.


You can join to any lower-case letter. This example shows how it‘s done from the letter a. For examples of other joins, look at page 16.


He says the letter f can be joined the letters a f i m n o r u y, and the letter t to the letters a e i m n o q r t u x y.

He didn't join from the letters c and s. But they make nice ligatures with the letter t. (Use them in moderation.)



The long letter s is used in four ligature combinations. Only the third is still in much use, the sharp-s in German.

This sounds more complicated in theory than it is in practice. If it works for you, use it.



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