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Arrighi began every lower-case letter with one of two strokes. The first is bold and horizontal. The second is oblique and thin. Let's look at the bold stroke first. (See the book, page 5.)


You begin with a movement from left to right. Then you reverse the stroke and go back to where you started.
   This is the way to begin the letters a b c d f g h k l o q s and the long s.


These are the letters that Arrighi began with a horizontal stroke from left to right. Nowadays most people prefer a thin, slanting entry stroke for the letters v w x y z.

Modern pens don’t have to be teased and coaxed to give ink. The two beginning strokes aren't really necessary anymore. They are worth using nonetheless. They give an agreeable rhythm to the writing. And without them, Arrighi's method would not be complete.



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