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Writing is first and foremost an activity. If you teach it to children, one of your most important tasks is to keep an eye on them. While they work, walk about in the classroom and watch them write.

What to look for
The letters must begin in the right place. And the path through each letter, from beginning to end, must be right.

You may have to explain each exercise many times. Some people who write badly simply never understood what their teachers were talking about. And do remind them often that writing slowly is usually better than writing fast.

Are the children sitting upright? Do they hold the the pen too hard? Is the paper in the right place?

How to sit
Not everybody knows how to sit. Is the chair the right height? It should allow your forearms to rest on the desk.

Try to sit upright. Bad posture can cause a lot of trouble. Until it does, people usually don’t think about it.

The light should come from the left. Otherwise, your hand will cast a shadow just where you need to see what you’re doing. Left-handed writers should of course have the light coming from the right. And don’t sit cross-legged.

Where should the paper go?

Wrong: The paper is too far to the left. In the beginning of each line, the writer can’t see what his hand is doing.

Right: With the paper slightly to the right of the writer, his line of vision is clear.

Writing on a single sheet of paper on a hard desktop is not pleasant. A few sheets can make a difference. And some teachers recommend a slanted writing surface. It may well work for you. (I never got used to it.)