The E-group

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This it the E-group.

The letters are made of straight lines, with the exception of the letter J.

Begin the letter E at the top, and make a stem.


Turn left, and make the bottom bar, and lift the pen.


Go back to where you started, and make the top bar. Lift the pen.


Move the pen just above the middle of the stem, and make the middle bar.

This path for the letter E seems to go back to ancient Rome. If you write curves instead of the corners, you may notice that the lower case letter e has much the same path.

Begin the letter F with a stem from the top to the baseline. Then lift the pen, and move it back to the top. Make a horizontal line. Lift the pen again. Put it down midway down the stem, and make a second line to the right.

The first stroke of the letter T is the stem. Lift the pen at the baseline, and move it to the top, to the left of the stem. Draw a line from left to right.

The letter L is written like an unfinished letter E. A stem is followed by a horizontal bar at the baseline.

Start the letter H with a stem. Lift the pen, and make another stem. Lift the pen again, and put it down just above the middle of the left stem. Finish the letter with a bar.

When you get used to writing italic, you can turn the bar into a join to a lower case letter.

The letter I is just a single stem. And unless you’re writing Turkish, don’t ever put a dot on it.

The letter J begins as an ordinary stem. Two-thirds down to the baseline, it turns right.