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You master a movement by making it. That’s how you learn to throw a ball and play the piano. And that is the best way to learn handwriting.

Get the movement right. With luck, the letters will follow.

If you can make a few zigzags, you can make the letter u. Just soften the shapes a bit. You use the same movement to make the exit stroke.

When you’ve made the letter u from a zigzag, the letters l and i are easy.

From scribbles to writing
Your hand may not be used to zigzags. How do you find which movemements it likes best? Scribbling is a great start.

Forget about writing for a moment. Try making extravagant movements with your pen. Don’t be timid. Thrash your hand about from the wrist.

When you’ve filled a few pages of scribbles, you can introduce some discipline. Make zigzags on lined paper. You want the picket fence effect: slightly slanted lines, evenly spaced. Then add recognition points, and you have handwriting.

The key to italic
A few curves will turn your zigzags into writing. Here are two of them.

Let a diagonal sag a little, and the curve will make the letter u. If your diagonal bulges up a little instead, it will make the letter n. Get this right, and you’ll be writing italic soon.